Claudio Campos e Itapuã Beiramar

First time they´ve met at Amsterdam Easter meeting. Their first game. After that They become close friends. It tends to get better and better… Wait for the next one!


Publicado no Portal Capoeira – por: Teimosia na Galeria de Videos.

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  1. hey lukwe, do you know if there will be another workshop in Toscana with
    Beiramar in 2009?had the chance of having a workshop with him in Bristol,
    he’s amazing!Claudio Campos too! He’s my profesor! Axe

  2. I remember seeing this game in Amsterdam, and i thought you guys knew each
    other well since you played such a nice open game, Claudio seemed to play
    very differently. Great game, especially the rastiera at 0:54 that i have
    told all my friends about, and now i can show them,

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