Contramestre Chorao – FICA Chicago Pastinha weekend 2006

Informal capoeira roda at the FICA Chicago Pastinha weekend party. Jogo between Contramestre Chorao and Felicia from Washington, DC. Mestre Cobra Mansa, Mestre Valmir lead the bateria with Gege, Baba, Skher, Santemu, etc.


Publicado no Portal Capoeira – por: Teimosia na Galeria de Videos.

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  1. CM Chorao is my teacher and yes he’s very good but that weekend they played
    each other another time and they really played, this time was really for
    the Mestre’s becuase we were at a party. That was one of the best weekends
    of my life, and yes that game with Daniel was so awesome, they went at it
    lol they are great friends but in the RODA wheeeeeew….

  2. CM Chorao is playing a very restrained game as well. That was the tenor of
    the roda that night. There was another roda that weekend where CM Chorao
    played Daniel from Oakland… now that was a game. There were times Daniel
    looked like a mouse in a ring with a cat!

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