Mestre Espirro vs Mestre Poncianinho

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Mestre Poncianinho Almeida and Mestre Espirro Mirim play capoeira at Contra Mestre Papa Leguas’s Batizado in Nottingham. Mestre Espirro is a real joker and a talented verbal dualist. You cant make it out but at the foot of the berimbau he sets the scene, singing to Mestre Poncianinho that he’s going to get him and nobody’s going to be able to save him, not even his father. It’s incredible to see what happens with these two masters enter the Roda. Thanks to CM Papa for letting us put this clip up!


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  1. Denneda, Paraná isn´t a city, it´s a state in the south of Brazil. But,
    it´s also a river, and the song is pretty much about the river, not about
    the state, which has no tradition in Capoeira at all.

  2. woah! people, people… this is making me laugh. i’ve practiced Capoeira
    for over 6 years. I’ve seen many dangerous sparring between to Capoeira
    players… heck, I even broke my hand in a Capoeira “game” 4 months ago.
    but hey, people have their opinions… and they are just that: opinions.
    behave, people! 😛

  3. While I love Capoeira, this is way too much dicking around. Quit standing
    on your head and do a move. And why do you think this is Angola again? Why
    are they chanting in Portuguese- Aye Parana’…? Thats a city in Brasil…

  4. Helv, I understand what u mean, my point was just that the title, makes it
    sound like a real competition or somthing, and then they are just like
    moving in slow motion. Thats all I was meaning. Have a nice day. 🙂

  5. it can be.. trust me, I have seen a mestre get real before and that shit
    was not pretty!.. it’s all about the practitioner. i would say that it
    takes a longer time to actually be able to use Capoeira as a deadly martial
    art than other styles but once you have gotten to that point capoeira is
    definitly the most confusing style and that carries a great advantage over
    other styles.

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