Mestre Moraes and Mestre Jogo de Dentro

This is the first video I’ve seen in 5 years of playing that has Mestre Jogo de Dentro in it. Of course, Moraes rasteiras him. A little choppy from the transfer, but still good.


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  1. ? what do you mean a friendly mestres game? there is not such. Moraes and
    Dentro know exaclty what they are capable of and demonsrate that in the
    game? Angola is exactly this excellent display- I can sum it up in the song
    “oh si si si, oh nau nau nau” oh yes, u got me, oh no u dont” there is no
    such thing as a violent angola game jus good or bad

  2. This really is capoeira angola. I learn something new every single time I
    see this video clip. The subtleties in their game is amazing. Timing, foot
    placement, possible attacks, defenses, this game has it all. That set up to
    the rasteira is amazing. You can see Mestre Moraes set him up about 10
    moves earlier. Like I said, “Incredible!”

  3. I love the playfulness, trickery and cunning that happens during this game!
    Favourite moments are 0.24, 1.05, 1.38, 1.55 (the counter rasteria!), 2.29,
    and 2.44. There’s just so many. Beautiful! <3

  4. o mestre jogo de dentro é impressionante como ele consegui ficar miudinho
    com esse tamanho que ele tem.mestre joão grande deu o melhor apelido que
    ele poderia ter. E ele é imenso no jogo também.

  5. Ok everybody, this is a friendly MESTRES game, there´s no violence, just
    showing how it could go about, it is not a rival, go for it game, obviously
    any of the two Mestres could do a lot better, but this is not the
    apropriate video to see such violent moves, this is to admire the finesse
    of capoeira angola and its hidden secrets, if you don´t understand it,
    study it in order to appretiate the geniosity.

  6. If we have our way, Mestre Jogo de Dentro will be at the Capoeira Angola
    Conference Los Angeles for the 3rd year in a row first weekend of October
    2008. Usually guests include Mestre Moraes (rodas were very intense last
    year) and Mestre Joao Grande. Hope you can make it.

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