Capoeira Roda / Jogo

Mestre Cobra Mansa of ICAF and, once again, Mestre Espiro Marrim. A beautiful display of the potential of Angola in invasive chasing play. Mansa serves it up in this one. It’s one of my favorite vids of all time.


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  1. This is a great game, but danilothf posted this video already a while ago.
    Not to be a stickler, but when multiple users post the same video it waters
    down the ratings and favorites making it less like for capoeiristas and
    others to see it.

  2. As always Mestre Cobra Mansa impresses, but I was particularly impressed
    with Mestre Espirro. I’ve seen him play alot of fast paced acrobatic games,
    but this is the first time I ever saw him play an angolian game. Cobra is
    the Man, but Espirro is no punk either.

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