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  1. WOW! This makes for an interesting question as to whether capoeira started
    in brazil or is actually an evolved form of martial art/dance/ritual that
    existed in Africa. As a capoeira practitioner I find this to be very
    important find!

  2. i have a bit of history with martinique, and i have to say that’s not a
    terribly silly comment. obviously i wasn’t there in 1936, nor are they
    doing this _because_ they’ve been drinking, but i wouldn’t be surprised if
    a little tafia was involved

  3. sweet, thanks!!! is it possible if you could provide more information about
    it (history, data, etc)? You could send me a PM with any info you may have
    on this art. Thanks.

  4. for what we know there was already something similar to the Capoeira in
    Africa before the period of the slavery. Especially in the region of the
    Angola, from which it also derives the name of the “style” of more
    traditional capoeira. In Brazil they were you assistant and “mixed” other
    elements of the tribal populations and the local culture ^^

  5. Africans (both free and enslaved) brought it with them to Brazil, Jamaica,
    Columbia and other parts of the Carribean and South America. Slaves were
    not allowed to use their drums or dance in America– which is why it is not
    so indigenous here. The slaves in America often danced in secret or in the
    cover of darkness though.

  6. Honestly, I don’t know. Somebody linked to it from
    www(dot)bullshido(dot)net – since the library of congress changes links
    routinely, I downloaded this and put it here. Part of that was to see if
    somebody else knows more about this art 🙂 If I find more, I will put it
    here as well.

  7. Hello, I’m in St. Maarten (not too far from Martinique) and we would like
    to bring in some Ladja “performers” or historians for a comparitive
    analysis conference with our capoeira club here on the island…do you know
    if Ladja is still openly and commonly practiced in martinique??

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