mestre acordeon and Cobra Mansa part 1 around 1990

Acordeon and Cobrinha playing in a street roda


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  1. this seemed to be a compra do jogo, M. Acordeon had the right to get into
    the roda, Anyway they are great Mestres, it doesn´t matter Angola or
    Regional, both deserve respect for what they have accomplished in

  2. nop he can´t, hes a mestre right, not a capoeira god, when he becomes like
    bimba o pastinha then he could do whatever he wants. Since then he must
    respect capoeira their limits and the other group!

  3. It’s a variation of the tesoura. It’s basically a scissors move. Don’t
    quote me on this because I don’t know for sure, but I think this particular
    scissors is a tesoura de costa in capoeira regional.

  4. C´mon whats that!? In angola you cant get into de roda if someone else is
    playing! And its agressive yes but he is playing like whant to hit, he
    deserves to be punished by mestre cobra mansa. Im not of his group but the
    to of them have to respect capoeira, acordeon is doing what he wants, thats
    not ok.

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