Mestre Joao Grande and Mestre Curio 1968

Joao Grande and Curio playing in Bahia in 1968


Publicado no Portal Capoeira – por: Teimosia na Galeria de Videos.

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  1. MadeB look up “videotape” on wikipedia. It was originally invented in the
    50’s for professional applications. It could also be a 8mm or 16mm transfer
    from film to video, too. -Peter

  2. hey, thanks 4 the reply. I’m not sure it’s 1968 cause this looks like video
    – may be wrong- which clearly wasn’t invented then. The extract you mention
    about cobrinha verde is something like 1978 and the video quality
    suffers… It’s more likely to be 86 than 68. Apparently Curio used those
    trousers back then… Also Joao Grande looks older a couple of years older
    than in Danca de Guerra, don’t you think? axe!

  3. I guess, the original footage has this date on it, it comes from Frede
    Abreu’s archives. The sample I put it here is edited from a Joao Grande
    video called Capoeira Angola do Mundo. The original footage is amazing, it
    has more games and it has the only available images of Mestre Cobrinha
    Verde playing capoeira. These last samples can be seen edited in the
    original version of pulo do Gato.

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