Mestre Jose Antonio vs Mestre Poncianinho to download and keep this video for free. Mestre Jose Antonio Almeida and his son Mestre Poncianinho play a beautiful slow game of capoeira at our Batizado after party in Guanabara nightclub London.


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  1. This is Capoeira in practice. It is a game. If you were to fight a
    Capoeirista on the street he/she is not going to jump into the ginga and
    start playing around with you. Don’t comment on stuff you know nothing

  2. I do all three, capoeria angola, ju jitsu and muay thai. the more I learn
    about capoeria the more I learn that these muay thai moves are also part of
    capoeria, just trained in a different way. in capoeria, you try not to
    clinch because you must assume the other has a blade. so muay thai in a way
    doesnt prepare you or the real world like capoeria does. capoeria also has
    throws that I have seen but do not yet know that would be equal in stopping
    power to something like an arm bar.

  3. I wanted to share one last opinion. 10 years is a lot of capoeira, and I’m
    sure you understand more than I do, but MY opinion is that “capoeira é no
    pau, no pé e na mão, na ponta da faca é no facão”. Capoeira is in
    everything, in the abada and the regular clothes, in the roda and outside
    the roda. There’s a difference between representative symbols of capoeira
    and its true essence: axé.

  4. FoFin I’m sorry, but you know nothing of capoeira. But if you’re really
    interested, practice it a couple of years at least… MAYBE you would
    understand it a little bit. (don’t feel bad, even mestres are still
    understanding and learning more everyday)

  5. Truth is, if people keep wanting to mix different styles of fighting
    eventually the original styles might just perish with time, and there might
    not be an original capoeira anymore or something of the sort. I would
    recommend people to not mix different styles of martial arts in order to
    prevent that.

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