Mestre Poncianinho and Claudio Angoleiro

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Mestre Ponciano and Claudio Angoleiro play a tasty game of capoeira angola at Capoeirence 2006 – Mestre Espirro Mirim’s yearly event in Fortaleza.


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  1. original kempo forms were based in improvisation during lessons, so this is
    a way to see this capoeira perform. It is another way of kumite too
    (cooperative sparring or practice) This is wonderful and an example of
    human culture.

  2. hehee, it’s funny at 1:45 mestre Claudio is like “ok au here please *grows
    impatient* CMON, DO IT NOW!” – Mestre Poncianinho – “okee.. i’ma do my
    carthweel now… *stretches arms*, then he concentrates for a moment and
    does an ultra safe au:) Was that an intended kind of ingame joke or am I
    interpreting wrong? (Im not an angoleiro)

  3. Its nice to see Angola like this, ppl think Angola is supposed to be slow.
    No! Its great when its fast, but a fast game is REALLY hard not to mess up
    so its best left for the pro’s

  4. i dont know if you’re using “form” in the asian martial arts sense or not,
    but in case you are you should know that there are no forms in capoeira…
    there was no choreography involved in that exchange, it’s all improvised.
    the style was capoeira angola, which is genrally played closer to your
    opponent and the ground as well as slower than regional.

  5. or rather than this watch the whole video again and again over a priod of
    weeks. it will reveal itself in layers. im still seeing new things and i
    put this up. capoeira of this quality can only sink in slowly.

  6. absolutely, i’ve been watching this one over and over for a year, the more
    you learn in capoeira the more you see in this clip every time. This can
    become so much more impressive than mad floreio or a mental regional game.
    and poncianinho… flexible, or what??? sweet jesus.

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