Old School Cordao de Ouro stuff

Mestre Suassuna and Acordeon in the beginning. I know this mainly because of their hair. I think this is from the eaaaarrrly 80’s. Shows some different type of games by toque.


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  1. This is in 84 in the first time that Mestre Suasuna went to EUA, invited by
    Mestre Acordeon. He went with Mestres Marcelo Caveirinha, Risadinha de
    Zambi, Biriba and Roberto Itabuna. Axé!

  2. I would like 2 say thanks 2 the one who made the same choice that bruse lee
    made by showing his craft the ones on hear are not that bad noone shood get
    up set it just make the teams that do this art step there games up.

  3. a very good video from 82 or 83 , in the original you can see some cool
    breakdance too , & a student of mestre Camisa , Preguica … first game waz
    Mestre Accordeon , & Mestre Suassuna , after you can see 3 Trencado of
    Suassuna , Biriba , Rezadjinha , Caveirinha …

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